Tuesday, 15 November 2011

We were giving a brief to deign and make a magazine for heworth grange school. We had to make a front cover and a contents page. To make these parts of my magazine, firstly, i had to go around the school and take pictures, the more pictures the better as i had a wider range to choose from. Once i had all my pictures it was now just choosing the ones that worked the best. i started off with the background first using yellow, yellow is one of the heworth colours so i thought it worked really well. I then added the magazine title and a bit of information on what issue and date he magazine was.also a few pictures and a little bit of writing which gives you information on what the main story's are. On the contents page is a few pictures and more information on what is in the magazine. all the pictures have got a Shadow in the background, i think it makes it stand out that little bit more

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