Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Plan...

Over the next week i am going to finish my analysis of previous work, write exactly what my documentary will be about and practise different shots using the camera. doing this will make it easier when it comes to filming my documentary.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


This shows the amount of views i have had on my blog and
the locations of where in the world it was seen. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Life's too Short 
  • Director- Ricky Gevais & Stephen Merchant
  • Date- 2011
This is a fake documentry based on the life of Warwick Davis. there is no narrator or questions being asked by the camera man like the other documentarys. but lots of celebrity quests. both directors are in the program throughout. this documentary involves real people but the storty is made up for you entertainment and is also a comedy documentary.


Educating Essex

  • Director :- David Clews
  • Date :-2011
Educating Essex explored what really happens behind the school gates. Following a group of GCSE students as it looks at all aspects of teenage life within a school environment.

The show shows how obedient and disobedient the pupils can be and how much lack of respect some student have towards their teachers.

Most of the footage is from cameras placed around the school, there is no interviewer or camera crew for these parts of the program but is the narrator which has been added in during the editing of the program.

Parts of the show were filmed like an interview with the teacher in front of the camera and the camera man asking the questions.

There is a wide range of different shot depending on where the cameras are placed. Some are on the ceiling looking down on to the pupils and staff and others are level with the


Biggie & Tupac

  • Director- Nick Broomfield
  • Date- 2002
The location of the documentary was set in Brooklyn where both Biggie and Tupac lived. this shows an area of poverty and you can tell it is quite a rough place to live. You can tell by the appearance of the people interviewed that they don't take much pride in the way they look. you can tell this just by looking at the clothes they wear.
The way broomfield films the documentary is the same as lots of others of the same type. he spends most of his time behind the camera. The person who he is interviewing will have the whole shot to themselves. although in some parts of the film broomfield is included in the shots or a shot of him by himself is used as he tells the audience what is happening or answers questions.

Analysis of my As work