Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Which brief are you pursuing?
During the course of the year i will be creating  an extract from an original documentary TV programme. this will last approximately five minutes. i will also be creating;

  •  a double-page spread from a listings magazine focused on the documentary

  •  a newspaper advertisement for the documentary.
Identify if this is an individual or group project?
This will be and individual project and all the work will be done by myself although, i will be using pupils and teachers around the school as my actors

Write a brief summary of your concept for the main task:
The concept for my main task is to look at how different pupils engage in school life and their opinions, also i will look at the views of a teacher and there view on teaching disengaged pupils and how they find working in a school.

List any ideas for locations (mise-en-scène):
  • Heworth Grange Comp
  • Out of school
  • Home
  • Journey to school
List any ideas for costume and props:
As my documentary is set in a school the main costume will be school uniform. Any filming outside of school times will be in normal everyday clothes.

Outline your ideas for each ancillary task:
For my first anccillary task i will create a double page spread in a populat tv magazine. i will let the readers know what the documentry is about aand what to expect.
For my second ancillary task i will produce a newspaper advert for my documentary

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