Friday, 4 May 2012

(EVALUATION) What have you learnt about new technologies from the process of creating this product?

Throughout the process of creating ‘KBT’ music magazine I have learnt how to use a digital camera, Photoshop and how to create a blog. in the process of taking pictures I used a tripod, this helped to keep the pictures in level and in focus. I learnt more stuff about Photoshop including the mask toot for cutting out pictures perfectly. When cutting out photos I have learnt that it is easier if they are taken with a blank background. In Photoshop I also learnt how change a photos contrast, un blur and change the brightness. To cut out the images around the hair I used to making tool. This helped a lot as it cuts out all the tricky bits around the hair.

Using the blog to present my work has allowed me to keep on track with my work and progress. The Blog is available for people from all over the world to see and it has allowed my to receive constructive criticism which has led to me making changes so my end product will be the best it can.

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